Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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What is marketing? My personal definition of marketing is getting your product or service out in the open and communicating the benefit it can serve to the public or a particular industry. In order for your marketing plan to be successful, you have to decide which customers to target your marketing strategies towards. You have to make these customers believe that they need your product and tell them how it will create value for them. Using the marketing mix of tools called the four P’s of marketing which include product, price, place, and promotion to show customer’s how your product or service can deliver satisfaction and bring value to them. For example, when Apple releases a new product like the iPad, it uses a marketing mix of tools approach consisting of the four P’s to make its product a bestseller. Apple announces its product and describes all the features it will consist of and how these features will benefit you. They allow the product to be purchased at multiple price points depending on the capabilities you desire, broadening the range of target customers. The iPad will more than likely be sold at places that the already famous iPhone is sold. And finally, promotions for the product are usually aired on the news and Apple website. In addition, press conferences are usually held with a variety of tech blogs and websites reporting on its debut. As you can see, this way of marketing can have a very successful outcome for the company and the customer. A key point to
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