Marketing Plan For A New Product

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Consider like a good start. Presenting a new product to the market is not just described as selling and promoting. Certainly, launching a new product needs more than just that, in orders to be highly demanded by customers. Another things also contribute to making a great product: dedicated employees, good strategy, decent information systems, excellent implementation, in special when it comes to introduce a new product to a highly developed market. That is where marketing should be used, as nowadays, successful companies at high levels have one thing in common – they have strongly customers focused and heavily committed to marketing.
Marketing, more than any other business function, deals with consumers, making customer value and happiness are at the main points of this research. However I will explore more specified launching of a product development in terms of successful marketing later on. Perhaps the easiest description is that: Marketing is the process of delivery of customer’s values and satisfactions to a company’s profit. The point of the marketing is to interest new customers by promising high value, and to keep current customers by bringing satisfaction to everyone. (Adrian Payne, "The Essence of Services Marketing").
Executive Summary
In a way to make a fairly successful research, it has been decided to present to the market and describe our potential actions in terms of target market, product positioning, market segmentation, customer buying

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