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Introduction stage: “Just Passin’ Thru” is a new concept, this is something new that is introduced to the market, therefore, it will take some time for the customers to take used to this new concept. Our goal will be to achieve a breakeven point in the second year after opening the store and become profitable in the third year of being in this business. In the first year, our profits will be low, due to low sales and high distribution, inventory, marketing and advertising and sales expenses. Marketing expenses will be very high in the first year. We have to inform the customers about this new product and get the consumers to try out this new concept. It will take “Just passin’ Thru” some time to build up the customer base and break …show more content…

We will determine the strategy, the pricing, and the target market. There are no big grocery chains competing in this segment, making it hard for our company to keep up with them. Another advantage that we will have is a low capital investment to start up. This is due to the fact that we will only have low levels of inventory to satisfy the daily demand. We will operate an efficient “just in time’ inventory systems which will ensure that all our products will have the always fresh guarantee and that our perishable products will not go bad due to a lack of demand for that perishable product. Another strength is the size of our market. Just like fast food chains like Mc Donalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Quizno’s, etc. we have a huge target market potential. There are millions of people just waiting for our stores to open, and we know that we will barely be able to satisfy the demand and the sales volume in the first year. We will not have a huge overhead to worry about because we will have a 50% of the employees of the usual store, and we will operate our store more cost efficient, because the interior of our stores does not have to be flashy in order to impress customers, since they will not be walking into the store to purchase items, they will just drive through. On top of that thee is there is the fact that we will be holding just the fraction of the inventory that the conventional grocery stores hold, and the inventory accounts for the

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