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Executive summary

This marketing report for Whitcoulls calculates the businesses present situation by examining the threats, weaknesses, strengths and the macro environment. The analysis of these factors displayed that the opportunities Whitcoulls has would change the image, quality, and market the business currently has. With over 50 stores nationwide and 130 years experience, Whitcoulls has a firm understanding of their market and their competitors. With this knowledge Whitcoulls are able to create a range of products that suit the needs of their diverse target market, which therefore increases their market share in the book industry. A large percentage of Whitcoulls cliental are made up from the low to middle population scale. …show more content…

In response to these impacts Whitcoulls offered numerous sales, buy one get one free sales and other alternatives such as customers being able to win prizes by shopping or even winning book vouchers.

Socio-cultural An important socio-cultural trend to remember when analyzing the market for book stores is the 18 to 50’s age group this is because books such as “50 Shades of Grey” with a target audience of adult women that enjoyed the “Twilight” series but are after a more ‘intimate’ storyline (Massey, 2012), and “The Hunger Games” with its target audience of 18-34 year olds (Hinckely, 2012) are selling high and new books of similar content are being published and selling at the same successful rate. As a result, there will be an increase in demand for products aimed at the 18+ target market. Whitcoulls is a community based business and with the recent selling to the Normans they intend to return to being a New Zealand owned and operated store, while also reigniting the tradition of keeping Whitcoulls ‘in the family’ (Scherer, 2011). Whitcoulls is known for its participation in sponsorship and fundraising. For the past 5 years Whitcoulls fundraised for Plunket every Christmas (Plunket, 2012)

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