Marketing Statement For Tim Hortons

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Tim Hortons is a fast food chain known for its coffee and donuts. The multinational company originates from Ontario, Canada by famous hockey player Tim Horton in 1964. They specialise in coffee beverages and baked goods.

Initially, Tim Hortons was in partnership with Tim and Ron Joyce. Later in February 1974, after the death of Tim Joyce, Ron Joyce became the sole owner. They began selling only two types of coffee and donuts.

Tim Hortons started from a small restaurant and today they are successful restaurants chain spread over the world. Later it covered major parts of Canada and in 1985 the first U.S restaurant was opened in America, New York. Today Tim Horton's have more than 4000 restaurants worldwide.

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Tim Hortons ranks number four on the Canadian Business Top 40 Brands list. Having an iconic brand in the coffee/donut industry means they can build their customer recognition and competitive edge. Having a strong brand image enables Tim Hortons to build customer recognition. This means when a customer is buying a product, they recognize a particular brand. “Consumers are far more likely to choose a brand that they recognize over something unfamiliar”. Having a competitive edge in the market is advantageous to Tim Hortons as it differentiates them in the market. The more customer recognition they receive, the more competitive they become to other brands in the market, like Costa, Starbucks and …show more content…

Although Tim Hortons is known for its coffee and donuts, many of its lunch options are healthier than its competitors. As a healthier diet is becoming much more prominent over the last decade, Tim Hortons could use this to their advantage by marketing their healthier products more. Tim Hortons offer a wide variety of healthy salads, sandwiches and soups. If Tim Hortons were able to market and promote healthier options, consumers may choose the healthier option over an unhealthy option, in which Tim Hortons competitors offer. This could lead to a larger customer base, and global brand

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