Marketing Strategies For The Advertising

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The Persuaders looked different advertising strategies on how to effectively reach consumers. In a time when the price of an advertisement is going up, but the effectiveness of reaching the consumers is going down advertisers are left trying to figure out a way to reach consumers. This film looked at different strategies that were used in the past, and strategies that are currently being used to break through the clutter. Clutter refers to the amount of advertising a consumer is exposed to on a daily basis. The key to success as this film points out, is to break through that clutter and brand advertisements better than the competitor, while appealing to the consumer. Overall, this film looked at different areas of how advertising use to be about choice words, such as “better” “brighter” “tougher”. Then some companies decided to target an emotional appeal to the consumer. For example, the film uses the airline Song to specifically look at targeting the needs of women. The commercial that was constructed showed used an emotional appeal before showing different services that Song uses. Finally, the video talked about how the consumer wants to have a feeling of entitlement and being in charge. If an advertiser wants to be successful in this sense they need to make the consumer feel like the advertisement is specifically targeted to them. Overall, if a company wants to make good use of their advertising budget, they need to keep up with the new demands and changes in the behavior
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