Essay on Marketing Strategies In Various Media

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As a new or established business, promotion is part of the four Ps of marketing. All businesses need to motivate people to buy their products or services (Nickels, McHugh, McHugh, 2010). The traditional promotion mix is advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations. Marketing and promotion go hand in hand. In order to market your business, you could rely on window signage and word of mouth, but new businesses need to develop marketing strategies to get the word of mouth going. We are going to focus on some of the most popular forms of marketing or advertising, including the emergence of the usage of the internet to promote your business.
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The first form we will examine is radio advertising. Typically, radio has a low cost when compared with the number of people reached. Radio can target specific audiences in different times during the day. Surveys are taken twice a year in this market and advertising on a radio is based upon the results. The surveys are further broken down by times of day, days of the week and overall rating. Some of the advantages of radio advertising is there is information readily available for you to determine what audience you want to target. Using the information from the Arbitron ratings, radio stations can charge according to the times of day they have the most listenership. Advertisers typically will advertise on the stations with the highest ratings and the audience they target. This medium is very good for local marketing. Costs for radio advertising can vary, depending on whether you are buying one ad to run for a week or two or if you are buying advertising for the entire year. Radio stations will put together a package for your company depending on the number of ads you will buy and offer incentives and discounts for bulk buys. Radio ranks second to print for local advertising (Reid, King, Martin & Soh, 2005).
Some of the disadvantages of radio advertising is there is no visual to associate with the product. In

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