Marketing Strategies Of Nestle India For Chocolate Products Essay

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MARKETING STRATEGIES OF NESTLE INDIA FOR CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project work entitled “MARKETING STRATEGIES OF NESTLE INDIA FOR CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS” submitted by me for the partial fulfilment of the requirement of summer project. It is own original work and has not been submitted earlier either to any university or to any other Institution for the fulfilment of the requirement for any course of study. I also declare that no content of this project, in whole or in part is lifted and incorporated in this report from any earlier / other work done by me or others. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The completion of this project gives me an opportunity to convey our regards to all those who helped me to reach a stage where I have the confidence to launch my career in the competitive world of management. I take this opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude to Nestle India Ltd., for providing this opportunity to complete my summer training for Amity University. Their guidance made me in tune with corporate world. Their team of efficient colleagues extended full support and cooperation. I am also thankful to my faculty guide for her valuable guidance and support at all time. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION LITERATURE REVIEW AND PROBLEM FORMUALTION COMPANY PROFILE • Industrial Scenario • Historical Highlights • Major Products • Marketing Strategies • Distribution network • Brand Loyalty • Market

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