Marketing Tactics Of Abc Supplies Essay

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ABC Supplies has recently reinvented companywide marketing tactics, after a decrease in sales in the southern region revealed a need for updating and improvement within organizational sales tactics. Utilizing the Deming cycle has allowed for successful vetting of sales tactics used by ABC Supplies, and the time has come to implement a new method of tracking sales, in order to accurately align marketing efforts with sales results. This change will require implementing new processes, which have been determined by upper management. At this time it is necessary make a plan for implementing the chosen processes, and managing the impact of the change within the organization. It will be essential that organizational leaders understand the type of change being implemented, select a change model as a framework in order to apply beneficial structure to the change process, and make a plan for dealing with the resistance that often comes with organizational change. Taking these steps will provide necessary strength to the organization in the midst of change, and allow for growth within the context of the change environment.
Identifying Change
Changing the way ABC Supplies tracks sales is considered a process change. Process changes occur based on a need within the organization to change the way a task is completed, which often leads to implementation of new policies (Deeg, 2009, p. 192). While there are various ways that change can be implemented within an organization, this transition

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