Marketing and Overall Communications Objectives

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Outline

1.0 Executive Summary The executive summary is an important piece to your IMC Plan. Often, CEO’s will not take the time to read all of the details of the plan, so this particular part of the plan should be a one page summary of the goals, execution plan, and potential results. 2.0 Marketing Communications Objectives The marketing communications objectives set the tone for the whole plan. They should be specific, measurable, and used throughout the rest of plan so that all of the tools are aligned to enhance the overall goals. The Marketing Communications objectives should also be bereft of any
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10.0 New Media New media is growing and must be developed to reach consumers where they are networking. Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasting, Mobile Marketing, Display Ads, and Social Networks can all be strategically used to help you accomplish communications objectives, but the plan must identify how. 11.0 Consumer Promotions Consumer promotions can generate engagement, but a discussion about what fits with the big idea and the brand message should be performed. What are the objectives, how will it be measured, and will you do a sweepstake event, or contest? Also, another media discussion should be opened, as promotions can happen in stores, online, at experiential events, and on the phone. 12.0 Budget The budget is quite important, as the details of how and when the money will be spent need to be understood so that the reader can know where the money is going. A suggestion is to develop a spreadsheet by month by medium and time (month, week, quarter) that will allow for dollar placement in each specific cell to make it easy for the reader to understand the complete picture. 13.0 Measurement and Evaluation All of the
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