Marketing at Gerlach Publish for Textbooks Essay

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As Marketing Manager at Gerlach Publishing, which exclusively publishes textbooks for Colorado public schools, you are responsible for researching and monitoring the company\'s macroenvironment and proposing necessary changes in marketing strategy. Key decisions you must make include: which changes in the macroenvironment are important to Gerlach's marketing efforts, what are the likely effects of those changes, and how Gerlach should respond to these changes.
Gerlach produces science, social studies, math, and language arts textbooks for first through twelfth grade. In the past, the macroenvironment for your company has been fairly stable. However, information you've received from your research team shows that this is starting …show more content…

Evaluating the Macroenvironmentâ Long Term Changes
After reviewing the reports of long-term changes in the macroenvironment, you must pick one element that you think Gerlach should respond to first.
You chose
Natural Environment
Natural Environment Changes
Now that you have selected the natural environment, you must predict what might be the effects of these changes on Gerlach's microenvironment. Choose the possibility you see as most likely.
You chose
The suppliers might raise the costs of paper in the future.
Responding to Natural Environment Changes
You call a meeting with your marketing analysts to discuss the situation. You give them your prediction that paper costs will rise in the future, and ask for their recommendations as to how Gerlach should respond.
You chose
Marketing Analyst One: We should position ourselves as an environmentally-friendly company by emphasizing our electronic products.
Natural Environment Changes: Results
You take your proposal to your supervisor. She is pleased. VP of Marketing: "I predict that if we followed your plan, in the year 2020 Gerlach would be doing well. We would have successfully positioned ourselves as an environmentally-friendly choice and so would have been able to keep costs down by using less paper. Keep this experience in mind as you look at the short-term changes to Gerlach's macroenvironment."

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