Marriage Ethical Dilemmas

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I unfortunately have been placed in this situation with a therapist as described in the case. Although my religion did not play a role in the situation, I remember questioning myself and what my beliefs were in regards to divorce. I remember leaving the office and on my drive home, I began questioning if my beliefs were wrong, if perhaps I should divorce my husband. Having this frame of mind and only seeing my therapist once a week, it caused further distress between my husband and I. I believed that at that time that because my therapist was a professional person and they were there to help me, their "answer" must have been the right one. I began to distance myself further from my husband and unfortunately became depressed.
After this situation continued for several weeks and the situation grew and became very difficult to deal with. I discussed it further with this therapist who became what I felt very agitated with me for my not wanting to leave my husband and actually asked me "what I was hoping to gain from therapy if I wasn't willing to work on
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The unnecessary stress and depression that I began to experience was further hurting my marriage rather than helping it due to my distancing myself from him.
As a therapist, it is my responsibility to set aside my values to help my client. In this case, I would have never encouraged my client to divorce their husband. Based on religion and the values of my client, I would have explored the feelings and behaviors of the relationship further with my client and focused on the goals of the desired outcome. If my clients religion prevents them from divorce then clearly, the goal would have been to encourage and provide techniques to help my client resolve the marital stressors. Regardless of what my beliefs of the situation are, unless it was causing harm to my client, my opinion and imposition of it is
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