Marriage Problems - How To Save Your Marriage From Collapsing.

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Marriage Problems - How to Save Your Marriage From Collapsing
By Dr Kingsley Modozie | Submitted On December 13, 2007

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When you discover you have a marriage problem is the first step to transforming your marriage but for some couples acknowledging that they have a problem shatters the marriage myth. Looking at the aspect of love movies, stories and fairytales we are required to live happily forever. Whats the way …show more content…

They first step to saving your marriage is to avoid following your issue on a case by case basis. Husband and wife that try to solve quarrels by judging the small details of every quarrel are never going to get the large matter resolved. I am based on the issues that truly matters in your marriage and the problems that keeps on coming whenever their is an arguments.

You spend too time at work, couples feeling unappreciated, never make love as long as they previously used to, either of you having the feeling that you are unfulfilled by your relationship or lifestyle, is the interaction weak in your relationship, does you want your right override by the feelings of your partner. I will like to tell you to spend more time examine the issues and themes behind your arguments and worry less on the details.

If the issue is your job then it means that the gap behind this is the balance between work and home which means you take work responsibilities more serious than the family issues which should be your number one .If the issue is that you are not doing enough chores, the gap behind this is that you are being invited into making a deeper contribution into coupledom. If the issue is your partner being grumpy with you all the time, the gap is your partner needing to feel validated in the relationship. If you are able to get a deeper understanding of what

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