Mass Media Development And Literacy

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Mass Media: Development and Literacy
Angela Nash
Media Influences on American Culture
Monday, August 21, 2017
Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy
Mass media involves communicating on a large scale. This can include written, spoken, visual, and digital. Written mass media platforms include newspapers, magazines, and books. Spoken mass media consists of conferences, concerts, and radio. Visual may involve television shows, commercials, movies, and theater. Digital media involves all of the other types of media broadcast to reach an even broader audience via the internet. Over the last century, consumers have experienced the privilege of seeing radio, television, personal computers and the internet, and smartphones and other electronic mobile devices take the place of spreading information by face-to-face verbal communication and written media forms like telegraph and newspapers.
Major Development in the Evolution of Mass Media
In the early 1900’s mass media was done by written and verbal communication. By mid-century radio and television had allowed media to reach a much broader audience. Radio would consist of music and talk programming that was both for entertainment and news purposes. Eventually television programming offered the same types of options, only with a visual component. During this time period, music was able to be heard across the country through music players, radio, and television. Prior to this, the only way to hear a specific

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