Mastery Research Paper

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Throughout sophomore year, I have proved in many ways that I am capable of doing my work efficiently and on time in the busiest of days. I have shown many times before that I can master key elements of the english language arts. I am a hardworking student who deserves to move to the next level of my education. The reasons why I should pass English II are that I am a master at mastery grade and I just deserve it! If you have looked at my mastery grades, you would understand that I am very good at demonstrating my level of mastered learning concepts. Mastery grades are seen as pains rather than beneficial to many, however, I am easily capable of mastering these concepts. Some know me as the master of mastery grades. I am always ready to sniff out grammar errors, annotate lengthy packets, reflect on learning, synthesize deeply, and write essays effortlessly. My high grades and awesome mastery skills show that it is perfectly logical for me to pass English II with ease. As a hardworking student and gymnast who works around the clock everyday, I can surely say that I deserve to move to English III based on all my…show more content…
Not many people get to say that they have traveled around the world to represent the USA at international competitions. The virtues that acrobatic gymnastics has taught me, such as determination, consistency, and control, can all be brought into my learning and benefit me in educational and social ways that are essential in English III. Overall, I have clearly explained why moving me to English III is the best option for you to make. My future will be greatly impacted and I deserve to be rewarded for all my hardwork. My grades are good and I always strive to be the best I can at everything. I will take your teachings with me into English III and make great use of them, I promise. Thank you for a very good
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