Math Lesson Plan On My Student Teaching Experience

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Description: What is/are the artifact(s)?

The artifacts are both math lesson plans used during my student teaching experience. The first artifact is a math lesson plan on coins. The other artifact is a math lesson plan on telling time. The lessons are developmentally appropriate for a 3rd- 5th autism support classroom and focus on math common core standards. The math common core standards are:
CC.2.4.2.A.3: Solve problems using coins and paper currency with appropriate symbols.
2.CC.2.4.2.A.2: Tell and write time to the nearest five minutes using both analog and digital clocks.
Interpretation: Provide a rationale for choosing the artifact(s)

My student teaching placement was in a 3rd-5th grade autism support classroom. Based on Piaget’s cognitive theory, 3rd-5th grade students are in the concrete operational stage. However, cognitively, the students in the class are in the pre-operational stage. As a result, they view the world through symbols, but are unable to concentrate on multiple aspects in a situation (T. Crandell, C. Crandell & Zanden, 2012).Students with autism also generally do not do well with task that are abstract because it is more challenging for them (Smith, Segal & Hutman, 2015). Instead, they do well on tasks that allow them to use their visual skills.
Therefore, in the coin lesson, students were shown a video about coins. The video showed the value of each coin and described how each coin looks like. One of the goals for this lesson was for students to
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