Mcdonalds : A Case Study Of Mcdonalds

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The company of my business project is McDonalds. McDonald's is known best for its fast foods and they can also be found mostly across the United States. McDonald’s average market cap is around $106.4 billion per year. This shows how much consumers are willing to purchase for food on the menu. McDonalds are not only found around the United States. They can also be found internationally. You can find McDonald's in China, South Korea, and other parts of the world. To improve their needs and product fulfillment, the company basically ran a schedule that is a basic strategy, and that is to improve and enhance customer service expectations. This means that they tend to try hard to make sure the customers are happy after buying their products and also it will allow the business to be really successful.
There are many historic events that has affected and also impacted McDonalds within the past several years. McDonald's business began in the year 1940, by two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald. After McDonald's was found, there were many major events that has made decent changes to how the company works. In the year 1949, McDonald's replaced their original potato chips and changed it to french fries. They feel that more customers would be able to like it and it shows the company having respect towards the food. Potato chips in general is too plain and is like a boring little snack, so they made it more exciting by making them into french fries. More people started to come

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