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Introduction Many multinational fast food chains (MFFC) like McDonald's and KFC are opening outlets in India. A fascinating aspect of these companies is the intricate marketing process they employ to gain a stronghold on the market. The marketing process becomes even more involved due to the behaviour of Indian customer being different from that of the western countries, where these chains have typically been operating. Even with several outlets in various locations in India, the marketing process of a new outlet typically has to be thought from scratch due to the wide diversity across the country. Recently, McDonalds has decided to expand into Bangalore in a big way. Praveen Bose Bangalore Burger chain McDonalds plans to invest Rs 50…show more content…
The secondary research serves the purpose of creating a background for this project and provides data that cannot be obtained from primary research. 6)While the two fast food chains cater to different, an attempt will be made to study which marketing strategy is more effective and why. Literature Survey The first McDonald's restaurant was founded in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. The McDonald's restaurant gained fame after 1948, when the brothers implemented their innovative "Speedee Service System", an assembly-line hamburger construction and self-serve operation. In 1954, entrepreneur and milkshake-mixer salesman Ray Kroc became interested in the McDonald's restaurant when he learned of its extraordinary capacity. Upon seeing the restaurant in operation, he approached the McDonald brothers with a proposition to open new McDonald's restaurants, with himself as the first franchisee. Kroc worked hard to sell McDonald's. He even attempted to prevail on his wartime acquaintance with Walt Disney, in the failed hope of opening a McDonald's at the soon-to-be-opened Disneyland. Eventually he opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was an immediate success. Kroc's new company was originally named "McDonald's Systems Inc.", and was founded March 2, 1955. In 1960, the company was renamed "McDonald's Corporation". One of Kroc's marketing insights was his decision to
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