Mcdonalds in South Africa

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MCDONALDS ASSIGNMENTS • Introduction : McDonalds was started in Illinois, USA by Mr A Krog, who had a vision for a value added, family orientated, clean fast-food outlet providing efficient and friendly service. Anywhere in the world one goes, one can expect the same high quality food with menus that are easily recognisable and trusted, whether you are in Thailand, London, Australia or Namibia. MCDONALDS OLD FORD ROAD, DURBAN is a sit-in and drive-thru fast food outlet which is situated in a central, easy access location. They have been open since 1998 and have been operating successfully and profitably ever since. It has seating for more than 100 customers and provides a choice of seating either indoors or outdoors. It also has a…show more content…
McDonalds follow a world-wide standard and have specific franchise requirements in respect of machinery and equipment used in the production process of meal preparation. The aspect that makes McDonalds unique is the speed of preparation and services, and machinery and equipment are updated regularly to keep up with international standards. The introduction of computer systems to McDonalds is the key to the success in providing convenience to their customers. Updated computer systems and programmes help to assist with stock-take, point of sale, orders, etc. The concept of Drive-Thru would not be so successful were it not for the usage of computers. McDonalds Old Fort Road holds the record for most cars in one hour (Drive-thru). 207 cars - which is the record held for Africa, Middle East & Asia. Internet is another means to attract customers and McDonalds regularly updates its web-site with their menu, prices and current promotional offers. Technology as a whole has impacted on the way McDonalds operates, in just about every aspect, from Drive-Thru’s to innovative packaging. • Demographic Dimension The Demographics of the population heavily impacts on decisions of a business to open outlets in certain areas. Researchers have to conduct intensive studies and need to know well in advance the developmental issues affecting a particular area that has developmental potential, as well as the potential customer mix. For example one would

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