Measuring Economic Participation and Social Protection

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Although there have been several reforms in trying to lower inequality against women because of the now-known great importance to the development of society, it still, nonetheless plagues our society. The promotion of gender equality is co-existent with social protection and the first step to combating gender inequality, while simultaneously combating problems related to poverty and education. Inequality does not only exist in the form of gender inequality, but also in income distribution as well, where the top quintile of the population consumes far more than the bottom quintile of the population. The existence of unequal income distribution can potentially lead to aristocracy, in which a few members or countries have control over most resources and income (Thomas Caroll & Associates, 2013). Dubner and Levitt as cited by Thomas Caroll and Associates use a classic example of the Black Disciples, in which gang members received a mere $3.30 per hour, with minimum wage being $5.15 and over half of the income was received by gang leader. The members forfeited the chance of earning the higher income with the probability of becoming the next gang leader; however 1 of 4 died in their pursuit of becoming gang leaders. This application can be used in real life, where wealth is concentrated among a wealthy…
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