Medea Tragedy Analysis

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Euripides, one of the most prominent playwriter and poet. During his lifetimes, Euripides wrote approximately 90 plays. “Out of the 90 or so plays that Euripides wrote, only 4 won first prize and 2 of those 4 prizes were for the plays performed after his death” (Smith 121). Euripides mother sold herbs who came from a noble family. “One tradition states that his mother was a greengrocer who sold herbs in the marketplace,” (Euripides 1) “often joked about this in comedy”, but “there is better indirect evidence that Euripides came of a well-off family” (Euripides 1). Euripides most well-known tragedies include Alcestis, Hippolytus, Bacchae, and Medea. In his play Medea, Medea was a protagonist that spoke about “being in love”, but it is a victim of “pitfalls, and abuses that sometimes accompany it,” (Bender 18). In Medea by Euripides, Medea’s sequestration from an unrequited love leads her to be an infatuated woman when Jason neglects her, and, in turn, it ignites a flame towards Medea’s revenge and malice.
Tragedy could have been avoided entirely in this play if the characters were not so stubborn. Stubbornness is the keynote that exists in several characters and is the root of most of the problems. Medea’s stubbornness is held responsible to the tragedy that occurred in the play. Aegus tells her “if you reach my land…I will try to befriend you” (Euripides 24) and swears by it. However, she refuses to give in because she must be avenged for the wrong Jason has done her
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