Media And Mass Communication

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Media is mass communication regarded collectively, whether it is from broadcasting, publishing, or the Internet. Society, in general, uses these types of media to shape beliefs that benefit them. Whether it is from coverage of the NFL protests, Muslim stereotypes or small national news, they all come up with different perspectives that enforce different ideas.
The first amendment of the constitution states freedom of speech, which not only is the most violated but is also very contradicting. We, as civilians, are put this very explicit position as children to make us think in a certain way. We cannot see a person without jumping to stereotypes based on their looks, style, and skin color. It was not something that was brought along by families by was portrayed in tv shows and pictures. Elaborating on so How modern media Influences our beliefs by Reena Karim states, “The mainstream media restricts free speech but at least most of the time they make an effort to check facts that is unless they are on the government's’ payroll… Now that internet has taken over mainstream media, things are rapidly changing all over the world especially the way news is delivered these days. Various types of journalism are emerging and communication is being given a facelift.”
One of the most important and impactful events of the month is the NFL protest against standing for the national anthem. As claimed before, freedom of speech is one of the biggest amendments that are continuously violated

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