The New Media And Mass Communication

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New New Media New New Media is mass communication that contains information that is available through the internet. The information is digitally created, retrieved and shared mainly through social media, digital devices and other social networks. New New Media include online newspapers, which is a digital form of text, video games, blogs and audio. An example of New New Media would be Instagram. This form of mass communication is very popular and is used every day. This is New New Media because people are able to retrieve, share and create images digitally. An example of new new media is Instagram. This form of social media is interactive, as you are able to comment and give feedback on other people’s photos. You are also able to re-post and share people’s photos and you can even report photos if they are bad. Bonding and bridging capital Bonding capital is associated with trust and having closely knit ties with people that have the same shared norms as you. Bonding also tends to happen within clusters and is more exclusive. Bonding capital has more overall social support and more emotional support and companionship because you are closer to them and are within a relatively homogeneous group. Bridging capital includes resources that come from weaker ties and between heterogeneous groups. Weak ties tend to come from indirect and loosely connected networks. Bridging also tends to happen between clusters and is more inclusive. An example of bonding capital is when a group
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