Meeting Hours For Communicating Hr Plan Essay

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Meeting minutes for communicating HR Plan

Time: 900am 01/08/2016
Location: Meeting room
Chair: Tanarin
Attendees: Siramon, Nathapong, Krit, Narawat, Chirarat, Thanakorn, Suriya, Wipacha
Apologies: Wangsiwa, Surirak

Agenda Item Discussion/Action Items Person Responsible Timeframe
Welcome and overview of meeting purpose Chair
1. meeting aim and purpose Tanarin’s burger shop HR procedures and requirements Meeting chairperson 900 - 920
2. Communication objectives ensure 100% of the organizational policies and procedures summary are included within the induction program Meeting chairperson 920 – 950
3. Communication target group/s, communication stakeholder, their interest of relationship to the communication and the importance of their involvement List and outline all the relevant stakeholders and their interests in relation to the communication Meeting chairperson, meeting participants 950 - 1020
4. Communication plans

Communication outcomes and requirements Meeting chairperson, project manager 1020 - 1050
5. new staffs experiences and skill level Staffing requirements and award terms and conditions HR manager 1050 – 1120
6. organizational requirements and expectation for the new staffs Organizational goals, objectives and culture, values HR manager 1120 - 1150
7. legal and ethical requirements for the new staffs - OHS act 2014
- anti-discrimination acts
- Privacy laws HR manager and project manager 1150 – 1220
8. general information to be included within the

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