Mellorine: A Narrative Fiction

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Mellorine sat under a still standing tree surveying the fires dying all around. Dan was a silhouette as he approached her in the darkness.
"Any luck?"
She shook her head without saying anything. The apartment had been leveled; she almost had passed it without recognizing where she was, though she had called it her home for nearly eleven years. Anyone who hadn't left in time would no longer be alive.
The smoky air stung her eyes almost as much as her tears did. The ground was hot through her jeans, though the chill of the coming fall was in the air.
A rumble brought their attention to the flashes of light to the north. Dan offered his hand and Mello took it, allowing him to pull her up.
"We've got to go," she said. "They're headed this way again."
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And my family was right in the middle of the first battles. They're probably--" No, she wouldn't go there. "Look around, Simon. Does this look like something that we have a hope of winning?"
"I found something earlier. Something that helped me to remember when they first revealed themselves among us."
Why was she listening to this? "Is there a point?"
"That day a blackness covered the sky. A ship. Made for war. Their enemies declared us their property and they-- the Powers --vowed to protect us." His expression twisted into bitterness. "They fought one another. Just to the west of us. I watched the battle from here. I saw one of them die."
Dan jerked his gaze to Simon, and Mello crossed her arms. "I've never seen one of them die," she said. "Only us. What could possibly kill a Power when not even a nuke slows them down?"
"That's ridiculous. How would that hurt them when all of our weapons have done nothing?"
"I stood right there." Simon pointed to a small crater. "I saw it. Lightning came out of the clouds and cracked down on one of them. He fried. He fell. He died. I'm certain of it."
"And you didn't remember it before now? That's hard to

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