Men's Double Standards

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Men and women have so many problems because they have different standards and different ways they do things. First, men and women have different standards when it comes down to dating. Men sometimes can have double standards. Some men think they can do stuff that the women can’t. Men also think they can go out and do things without looking bad. Also, when a woman does the same things men look at them different and say that will make the women look bad. Second, there is the difference in shopping between men and women. Men take shopping easier than women. Some men will go in and come right out with the things they need. Men will go in the store with the things they have in mind, get them, and then leave the store. Women on the other hand take…show more content…
Most men are not afraid to say what’s on their mind. Men are not afraid to tell you what they want. Women on the other hand don’t say anything when something is bothering them. Most women let everything build up before they say anything to the men. Some women will get very upset and let everything that they been wanting to say come out. Most women would rather not talk about what they are feeling, but men will let it out right then. Last, is the attitudes men and women have towards different things. Men often leave when they are mad. Women often ignore or get so upset that they cry and let him know how she feels. Men attitudes toward the woman doing things are different from a woman’s attitude towards him doing things. Men will get mad and tell a woman that they can’t go out with her friends because he will get suspicious. Women on the other hand will let the men go out with his friends to get out the house. Some men will let their woman go out with her friends. Men and women look at things differently. Some men can’t handle when a woman does the same stuff he does. Some women can let their man do things without a problem. Women often take longer than men at doing things. Women make sure everything they do is right, so they won’t have to take it back. Men does things without
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