Mental Health And Physical Health

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Physical Health involves getting adequate sleep and rest, eating nutritious meals, drinking enough water, and being physically active on a regular basis. I put a bed on my poster to represent that I get enough rest every night so that I can be refreshed in the morning. I make my bed comfortable and only use it for sleeping purposes so that I do not become distracted with other things that keep me awake, like the television. I put fries on my poster because fries are my favorite food. Though fries make me happy, they are bad for my physical health because they are greasy, fried, and fattening. The last picture I chose would be an apple. I am not a very healthy eater but if theres one thing I love that is good for me, it would be an apple. Ever since I was …show more content…

Homework, parents, siblings, athletics, and boyfriends can all affect my mental health. I put music on my poster because music is a big part of my life. It helps me get through things like breakups and schoolwork. Listening to music helps me get in touch with my feelings and deal with daily frustrations. I put art on my poster because I have always been a good artist. Art is a form of therapy for many people. Its is a enjoyable challenge and something that I can create to get my mind off of hectic things. Lastly, I put a bath on my poster. I have always taken a lot of baths. Relaxing warm baths help me destress and get away from daily demands. A major strength that I have for mental health would be my coping skills with stress. I always try to cope with stress in a positive way, pushing away negative thoughts. I attempt to use positive thoughts and actions to mover forward in life. A weakness that I have for mental health would be that I sometimes get overstressed and yell, taking my anger out on my parents. Overall, my mental health is good but I need to keep my coping skills on the right

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