Methodology And Epistemological Approach Of My Research Essay

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Methodology For describing the research design of the thesis, this chapter aims to explain the methodology and epistemological approach of my research, to provide the detailed outline of research design and research process, to address the ethical issues involved in the fieldwork, and to reflect the limitations. 1. Methodological approach The methodological approach of this study is guided by its aims and research questions. This section starts from the clarification of research questions to explain why the qualitative methods are employed. This study aims to examine how the marketisation process is shaping the development of home care policy and practice for older people in urban China. The focus of this thesis is how the role of the market is developing; how the other sectors respond to these changes; and how the care regime is shaped and, in turn, shaping the practice in urban China. This leads to the research objectives: to examine the rationale behind the marketisation of care, to understand how home care has been marketised in urban China since the 1990s, to investigate processes of marketisation of home care, and to explore existing and potential impacts of marketisation of home care on the care system and participants in the care market in urban China. Among key stakeholders in the care market, namely service users, providers, purchasers, care workers, and regulators, central to my study is experiences and viewpoints of service providers and local regulators. The
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