Metric 1 : Baseline Defenses Coverage

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Metric 1: Baseline Defenses Coverage. This security metric measures how well your organization is protected against the most common threats. The security tools like Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall should have coverage of 94 to 98 percent for an organization 's security tools to be working properly, less than 90 percent coverage raises concern. It is best for the organization to run the baseline defense coverage regularly to see if some of the security tools are slipping or staying up to par. Metric 2: Password Strength. This metric is perfect for an organization that has a problem with their password not being difficult enough to break. This system reduces the risk from invasion by sifting out passwords that are weak and making them harder to break. The result is an organization that is prepared for potential threats. Metric 3: Legitimate E-Mail Traffic Analysis. This system takes into account all of the emails incoming and outgoing. It analyzes the size and content of the email. This system also is very helpful with determining and preventing unwanted junk mail from coming into an organization. It also can distinguish if an employee is exposing intellectual property. Q2: Do you need to have a disaster recovery plan? If so what might it include? It is imperative to have a disaster recovery plan, it is no longer safe for any business, small or big, to have no protection against natural disasters or even getting hacked which is a common practice. Anyone of those

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