Michael Kors research paper

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Final Research Paper
Michael Kors has been a leader in the fashion industry for over 30 years. He first entered the fashion scene as a teenager. Mr. Kors has not only managed to stay relevant in the industry, but he’s remained a major player for the past three decades.
Kors was born Karl Anderson Jr. He legally changed his first and last name at the age of five when his mother remarried. Upon completion of High School, Kors attended The Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York City. However he dropped out after only two semesters. After leaving college, Kors worked a few different jobs in the fashion industry. Eventually he entered the private business world and started The Michael Kors Company. Like many successful business people,
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The awards Michael Kors has achieved recognize the contribution that Mr. Kors and his team have made to the fashion industry.
SWOT Analysis: Michael Kors
The following report illustrates an in-depth SWOT Analysis of the Michael Kors brand. This analysis includes the identification and evaluation of a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In properly identifying the purpose behind the company’s continued high turnover rate, the group must first analyze the management style, factors that are both optimizing the company’s strengths as well as barriers or conditions that is preventing the company from reaching its objectives.
SWOT Analysis: Michael Kors
Michael Kors is fast becoming a fashion retailer that is striving to outperform competitors in the industry. Its ability to provide consumer with a fresh and powerful branding strategy worldwide seizes to amaze its growing customer base. Michael Kors Holdings Limited is a global luxury lifestyle brand. The company operates in retail, wholesale, and licensing with a strategically controlled global distribution network focused on company-operated retail stores, leading department stores, specialty stores and select licensing partners (Bloomberg.com). Consumers look to identify
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