Michigan State University and Texas Christian University Essay

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Michigan State University Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan.It is a public research university. The colors of Michigan State University are green and white. Michigan is affected by the Great Lake’s region, winter and summer climate is moderate. Currently, Michigan State University's campus covers a total of 5,200 acres, of which two thousand acres have been developed. A total of 556 buildings on campus: where 100 academic purposes, 131 for agricultural purposes, 166 for the board uses 42 sports facilities. Michigan State University a total of 2,037, 464.3 square meters of indoor space. And there are a total of 43 kilometers of roads and 161 kilometers of sidewalks. Michigan State University campus also …show more content…

In addition, minimum requirements for international students request that all secondary schools attended, colleges or universities attended, or examination boards send original or attested copies of all transcripts, diplomas, mark sheets, and certificates directly to MSU in an official, sealed envelope. As an international student, you need to provide valid TOEFL scores and SAT scores as well. Academic merit scholarships are awarded for students. IELTS and TOEFL scores are admitted as a language proficiency. Regular admission for international students requests TOEFL’s score of 79 with no sub-score below 17 for internet-based test. For paper-based test, it request score of 550 with no sub-score below 52. Also, for IELTS, regular admission requires the score of 6.5 or higher. Besides regular admission, students, who do not have strong language skills, can apply for a provisional admission. Provisional admission requests that the score of TOEFL’s internet-based test is 60-78 and a score of 500-549 on paper-based test. The score of IELTS’s test is 6.0. Regular admission needs SAT critical reading scores which is 480 or higher.
Academic merit scholarships are provided by MSU to attract the number of students to attend in. Alumni Distinguished Scholarship is awarded to the top 15

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