Microbiology Personal Statement

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During my time at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, it was there that I not only discovered my passion for microbiology; but it was where I became aware of my career goal, to be an educator at the university level. While as a teaching assistant for a Fundamentals of Microbiology laboratory, I established that I wanted to become a professor. I want to become and educator because, I look back at how much of an impact my professors at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and the Medical College of Wisconsin had not only on me but my peers. It was the professors who encouraged us, taught us the future of our field, and helped us up when we fell down. I think back at all the times these professors helped me become who I am know, it I can vividly see myself reciprocating that for future students.

During my employment at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I have discovered an untapped enthusiasm for physiology; and I knew I wanted to incorporate its concepts with my previous infatuation for microbiology. The fact that such minuscule organisms and cells retain complex pathways and mechanisms, …show more content…

Most of these classes have an intensive lab portion through which I developed competence in a number of fundamental laboratory techniques and discovered a passion for bench research. Of all the classes I have taken I feel Immunology, Pathogenic Bacteriology, Microbial Genetics, and Human Anatomy and Physiology laboratories have been the most useful to me when it came to learning about the diversity of the prokaryotic and eukaryotic world. However, my classroom experience was not limited strictly to microbiology; I have an array of courses stretching from chemistry courses, like organic chemistry, and basic biology courses, like comparative endocrinology and human physiology to statistics and physics

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