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Review: Anatomy I Lab Chapter 1: Language of Anatomy What is anatomic position? - Human body is erect, with the feet only slightly apart, head and toes pointed forward, and arms hanging at the sides with palms facing forward. -two major divisions of human body surface are Axial, and Appendicular 2. Body orientation and direction. ~Superior- above ex. the nose is superior to the mouth ~Inferior- below ex. the abdomen is inferior to the chest ~Anterior- front ex. the face and the arms are in the anterior body surface. ~Posterior- back ex. the spine is posterior to the heart ~Medial- toward the midline ex. the heart is medial to the lungs. ex. the sternum is medial to the ribs…show more content…
-Coccyx-formed from the fusion of 3 to 5 small irregularly shaped vertebrae. It is literally a human tailbone, a vestige of the tail that other vertebrates have; is attached to the sacrum by ligaments. 7. Sternum (bones of sternum and identify them in figure) 8. True ribs and false ribs *12 pairs of ribs -True Ribs- first seven pairs; are directly connected to the sternum. -False Ribs- next five fairs; are not directly connected to the Sternum. Chapter 5: Appendicular Skeleton How many bones are in the appendicular skeleton -composed of 126 bones of appendages and pectoral and pelvic girdles which attach the limbs to the axial skeleton. 2. The bones of the Clavicle and Scapulae -Clavicle (collarbone) - sternal (medial) end- attaches to sternal manubrium -acromial (lateral) end- articulates w/ the scapulae to form part of the shoulder joint. -Scapulae (shoulder blades) -known as "wings of humans" -connects humerus (upper arm bone) w/ clavicle (collar bone) - two processes: -acromion: connects clavicle -coracoid process: attachment point for upper limb muscles -has three angles: superior, inferior, lateral 3. The Arm -consists of single bone called humerus -head fits into glenoid cavity &

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