Military Impressions

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Day 1: Attributions Based on One's Name - Do we form impressions of people based on their names? I think everyone falls victim to this trend especially me. One of my daughters is name Ruby. I have found when I tell people her name, they tend to be very judgmental in their expressions. I too have been done this same act when told odd names. In the military I have a soldier whose first name is Cinnamon, and when I was given her name I had many thoughts, but since I was her supervisor, I couldn’t judge her by her name. When she came to the unit, everyone wanted to see who she was, thinking that this was almost a “stripper type name,” according to some of my other male soldiers. When she arrived, she was a very innocent, white, country girl. All the other soldiers thought she was, going to be a Hispanic woman.
Day 2: Reflect on the fact that people often make judgments about us based on our external appearance. I find this horribly correct, especially where I work. I currently work at a government agency, where most of my co-workers have grown up in a privileged life-style and are very judgmental. I over hear them constantly talking about how people are dressed, or simple things like the way they walk. In the branch that I work, I am currently the top producer, but when we have a dress down day, I will wear a plain
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When using the psychological theory of Fundamental Attribution Error towards the September 11th attacks, I can say that Bin Laden underemphasized the situational or environmental factors, and placed all his in faith in God, that he was going to help in make things go the way he wanted them to. Many times, in the Muslim community, you will hear them saying “Insha Allah,” which is paraphrased to “God Willing.” When conducting the attacks, I believe Bin Laden’s thought process was that if what he was doing was right, God would help him complete these
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