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The article “Mind Your Language” is about the English language. The English language is a very spoken language and most people are aware of how to speak English. English is the most international spread language in the world and it’s a language, which are developing. English is a world language.
In Tom Law’s article we are introduced to the English language. Tom Law is angry about how the English language became more dominant in the Welsh school system and the Welsh language became as a matter of that less spoken. He says the English people don’t have to worry about losing their language as he lost his language Welsh because of the British Empire. “Because losing your language is not something you’ll ever have to worry about; thanks to the …show more content…

He uses the German language as the dominant one and how German became a more common language. He describes how German quickly can take over the English language and by using this comparison he tries to make the English realize how he feels about the Welsh language disappearing. In the opening line he asks, “How would you feel if you were made to speak German? Maybe to make the English people see the situation from his point of view. He could be using the comparison to scare the English speakers. His intention with this article is clearly to inform the reader how the English language has taken over the Welsh language, his native language. He wants to persuade the reader because of his tone towards the English language and his negative opinion to the English language. Tom Law establishes his logos by using history as a kind of evidence and makes it logical for the reader to understand his point. He makes the article logical by using history and statistics on the Welsh language as I mentioned earlier. He establishes his ethos because his native language is Welsh and he has lived through the development of the English and Welsh language. He is also a freelance writer and journalist. If he should withhold himself neutrally to the subject he wouldn’t be trustworthy because his native language is Welsh and he would probably have a certain opinion to the subject implicit. At last he establishes his pathos be appealing to our

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