Minerva, The Hero of In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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A hero is person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. I'm going to tell you about a book called in the time of the butterflies by Julia Alvarez. It is about 3 sisters who lose their life trying to stand up for watch was right. One sister survived and lives to tell the story. There is a lot of great reasons why all three of the sister are heroes but I'm going to tell you about only one. That sister is Minerva. Their is 3 great reasons why Minerva is a hero. Minerva stood up for Sinita by lying to El jefe. She also slapped El jefe when he tried to touch her somewhere she didn't want to be touched. The last reason is she took a chance for her life to get her father out of …show more content…

Mierva said "He yanks me by the wrist, thrusting his pelvis at me in a vulgar way." (Alvarez 65). He was treating her unladylike like. Trujillo is not a nice man and should not be the leader of a country. Minerva is a great women and is really appreciated in her city. Minerva took the chance of giving her life up for the life of her father. Minerva stated "I shake my dice in my hand for all they're worth" (Alvarez 76). She was rolling a dice to see if her dad could get out of jail because Trujillo put him there as punishment for Minerva slapping him. Minerva stated "He strokes the cheek I slapped." (Alvarez 76). He refers to when he got slapped him at the dance. Minerva was the one who slapped him and felt very sorry. Minerva stated "So, it's just IN THE TIME OF BUTTERFLIES. !2 me, mama, and patria, and of course papa". ( Alvarez 76). It shows that papa has been let out of jail. Minerva is very thankful to Trujillo for being a man of his word and letting her papa out of jail. Minerva is very special because she was going to be one the first women in history to go to Law School. Minerva saved a friend, slapped El Jefe, and saved her dad. All three of these in why I think Minerva is a hero and everyone else should to. Let's not forget she also died for her country standing up for what she believe in. Which was the right thing for not only her but her whole country. She is a role model for little girls everywhere. But she is not the only person who died while thing

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