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Bachelor of Business Prescribed Textbooks - Trimester 1 2013
Unit Code ACC101 ADV101 COM104 ECO101 HOS101 IND101 MGT101 MGT102 MGT103 MKT101 MKT102 MKT103 PRN101 TOU101 ACC201 Fundamentals Of Management Accounting and Business Finance Understanding Advertising Sound, Vision and News Economics In A Business Environment Introduction To Accommodation Management Industry Practices Management Principles and Practices Introduction To Hospitality, Tourism and Events Service Industry Theory Understanding Marketing Introduction To Consumer Behaviour Marketing Communications Understanding Public Relations Tourism Theory and Practice Introduction To Applied Finance Textbook Accounting Business Reporting for Decision Making Advertising: Principles …show more content…

Alysen, B. 2012, The electronic reporter: broadcast journalism in Australia , 3rd ed, UNSW Press, Sydney. Ahern, S. 2011, Making radio, 3rd ed, Allen and Unwin, Sydney. Alysen, B. 2006, The electronic reporter: broadcast journalism in Australia , UNSW Press, Sydney. McKay, J. 2006, The magazines handbook , Routledge, London. O'Toole, W. n.d., EPMS (event project management systems) (CDROM) ,, Australia. Allen, J., O'Toole, W., Harris, R. & McDonnell, I. 2011, Festival and special event management , 5th ed, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Milton, QLD. Kaufman, J.C. & Sternberg, R.J. 2010, The cambridge handbook of creativity , 1st ed, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Great Britain. Hamel, G. 2002, Leading the Revolution: How to thrive in turbulent times by making Innovation a way of life , 2nd revised ed, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, US.

COM202 COM204 EVT201

EVT202 Creative Thinking and Innovation

HOS201 HOS203 HOS205 IND201 LAW201 MGT201

Asset Management Resort and Spa Management Gastronomy Industry Engagement Industry Engagement Introduction To Business Law Human Resource Management

Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities The Business of Resort Management Tourism and Gastronomy Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership A Manager's Guide to Self Development Business Law Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries Project Management: A Systems Approach

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