Mission Statement And Acceptable Use Policy At Wuhan Foreign Languages School

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Mission Statement and Acceptable Use Policy at Wuhan Foreign Languages School
This paper evaluates the mission statement at Wuhan Foreign Languages School (WFLS). It also attempts to examine the technology mission statement, however, WFLS does not have one. Consequently, this paper suggests one for WFLS. The technology mission statement should also be interpreted as a guide for integrating technology into the school and classroom. Finally, this paper evaluates the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of WFLS, and also offers suggestions for improving it and further aligning it with the mission statement of the school.
WFLS Mission Statement
The mission statement of Wuhan Foreign Languages School is “Educating students with a focus on foreign …show more content…

There’s a sign near the main entrance of the school that everyone who enters the school can see. Additionally, it’s painted on a wall in the building with all the teachers’ offices, and on another wall, which is a fairly common hallway in a classroom building. The mission statement also appears on the school website. It is visible to everyone, and probably most people are at least aware of it, but beyond that, it is undetermined how well it is actually communicated to people. If these were the only ways, it is effortless overlook.
The mission statement does not reflect on anything regarding ethical or legal practices. However, again based on Chinese culture, these would be assumed or overlooked. In Chinese culture, it seems that reputation and results are more important than legal and ethical practices, not that everyone or every business is illegal or corrupt. But regarding education, parents are much more concerned that their child be given every advantage possible over the millions of other children, and attending a school that has a reputation of students achieving high exam scores or being given opportunities to go abroad for college are much more relevant and imperative to them than ethical or legal practices.
WFLS Technology Mission Statement
Wuhan Foreign Languages School does not have a mission statement that specifically addresses their technology. Because of this, the author decided to create a mission statement for them. The mission statement is

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