Missionary Work and Its Evolvement in Christianity

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In the church’s tradition, there are traces of missionary activity and signs of an understanding of mission. People, guided by the Holy Spirit, have lived their lives in a way obeying the will of God and being close to Him. They talked about their faith and the how they know God. After the persecution period, they then have the courage to speak and, hence, they gossip the Gospel everywhere and this gossiping is aided by the power of the Holy Spirit which they received in baptism. This implies that through baptism, every man and woman has the responsibility to share the Goodness of Christ with or without words. But, as time went by, others found it crucial to stay away from worldly allurements by staying in secluded places. They were inspired to stay close to Christ and staying close to Christ is to shun worldly things. This marks the rise of the monastic movements. However, these monastic movements are not mere movements but are missionary activities in themselves because they portray a particular vocation of the Church. They considered mission as moving away from the world and have more time in praying for all people and for the church. Furthermore, this kind of missionary activity has extended even to the lay people, but not living an ascetic life, instead, they proclaim their mission in their day to day experience with their family – e.g. a mother’s role is a mission towards the children and children towards mothers. There was a strong change in the concept of mission and
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