Mobile Computing And The Creation Of The Internet

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Mobile computing, a term that didn’t come around till sometime between the 1960s and 1970s, is the use of the internet and computer based applications on the go. It is using your phone to search something online, using your tablet to make changes to a PowerPoint before you go into your meeting, and sharing multimedia online through your social media. There have been many leaps within the technological world that has brought society to where it is today. From the creation of the cell phone to the creation of the internet itself, humans have become more digitally connected with each new advance.
Mobile computing was the next step in the grand scheme of technology. In comparison, education has always been a stickler for the removal of …show more content…

There have also been so many additions and creations to software and hardware that spikes productivity within the educational and business world. The creations of these new items have only led to more, and finally to the mobile use of these new software and hardware. Bowles gives a statement that couldn’t be more true, “The bottom line is that mobile apps are everywhere.” (Bowles, 2013, Ch. 4.6, para 3) The text gives a brief history of the creation for each of the devices needed to bring about mobile computing and from start to finish, it didn’t take a long or arduous process. In roughly a century or so, we went from no computers or very little but huge computers to a small talking extremely powerful computer that fits in the palm of our hand. Mobile computing was something that has only helped productivity, especially for items that has become an essential part of the educational process-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It doesn’t come without it’s distractions, however there are plenty of ways mobile computing more than makes up for the Facebook distractions. The great explosion of mobility regarding the computer has largely been due to the student population and other young individuals that are in similar age and interest groups. Currie states that “Since students brought the mobile revolution to us, they should be a critical part of helping us understand how to incorporate this new paradigm into the education process.” (Currie, 2013)

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