Mobile Operating Systems

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Over the past decade, smartphones have taken the world by storm and recently, tablets have entered into the arena as well. These mobile devices are having a significant impact on our lives and are in fact redefining the way we access information and communicate with others. This is due to not only the hardware but the specialized software that these devices run and most importantly, their operating systems.
Just like a PC can run different operating systems (like Windows, Linux, BSD etc.) or different versions of the same operating system (like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.), most smartphones can also run different versions of the operating system they were made for and in exceptional cases, they might even be
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Windows Phone 7 Windows Mobile is Microsoft 's mobile operating system used in smartphones and mobile devices with or without touchscreens. The Mobile OS is based on the Windows CE 5.2 kernel. In 2010 Microsoft announced a new smartphone platform called Windows Phone 7. It replaced the dated and obsolete Windows

Mobile series of OSes. WP7 delivers a fresh approach with improved social media integration and a new tile styled UI called Metro. Pros Cons
• Integrated and merged social media abilities
• Excellent home screen status
• Built in support for Windows Office documents
• Works with Xbox Live multi-player gaming
• Multi-tasking
• Excellent development tools, with free
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