Modern Day Romance : A Feeling Of Excitement And Mystery Associated With Love

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Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. It is something we strive for starting as young as a child watching Disney fairytales, where the characters go out on fancy dates and ballroom dances. These images of a man and woman having coffee to talk and share interests or a man bringing a woman flowers and courting her before he even gets a first kiss have been in everyone’s dreams at one time or another. But does modern day romance look like this anymore? Instead, fairytales today are built from expectations from a tweet on Twitter; fancy dates are now hours of Netflix and chillin’; and ballroom dancing means swiping right on Tinder and grinding on the club dancefloor. These transitions in our modern day are taking…show more content…
These messages then lead to sexting, sending nudes and even hooking up. This is a prime example of how our dating has drastically changed to a new and low level based on social media apps.
In this day and age most people are scrolling through social media such as twitter or Instagram; Therefore, we see a posts of ladies bragging about her boyfriend purchasing 500 dollars’ worth of makeup for her birthday, or a “just because” gift consisting of name brand clothing. Consequently, the expectations of relationships rise because of the social media posts that many see. Mugo, an author and poet instructor states, “having a significant other can be one of the best feelings. They are someone who creates memories and shares their life with you. But with social media being such a large part of society, unrealistic expectations have begun to rise.” Incidentally, if a girl doesn’t receive these gifts they become disappointed and don’t see their loved one being good enough. Lastly, social media has created lack of trust and insecurity in modern day relationships. Anissa Fritz states “Social media is now a breeding ground for distrust in relationships.” This statement is justifying that social media is causing the trust issues, such as snapchat streaks which is communication between two people being tracked by snapchat, displaying the number of consecutive days they have talked. Also
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