Morality In The Five Star Restaurant

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Morality can be defined as the standards that an individual or a group has about what is right and wrong, or good and evil. To clarify what this means, we were consider the case in this movie. In the first scene, Wahid is the first character whom worked at the 5 Star restaurant as a waitress having a problem with his customers. His customers could not speak in English, but Wahid treat his customers politely. He shows his ethical in communication by using a good word to his customers to make sure his customers feel satisfied with his services that his restaurant provided. Wahid explained the menu one by one to make sure his customers understood to what they had provided in the restaurant. Even though, his customers did not understand but Wahid try his best to make sure his customers attracted to the best menu in his…show more content…
His customers make a complaint about the taste of the menu. They said that the menu is not delicious and they don’t like it. Wahid trying to make it clear and don’t want to start an argument at that time but the customers ask him to called their chef. When the chef coming out, he getting angry to his customers and said to them to go out and never came to his restaurant anymore. The customers leave the restaurant angrily. At the same time Wahid had been fired by his boss. As we can understand from this scene, we knew that moral standards is the point that could come out from this movie. We knew the customers were always right and the supplier must face any complaining from their customer to improve their service to be better. It is unfair to Wahid that had been fired because of the customer behavior. We knew that Wahid had did the best to the customers. His boss should have to consider about who is right and who is wrong in this argument before fired his workers. Unethical issues here we can conclude that there is no moral values that should be take
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