More Equality Needed for Women

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Although women have certainly come a long way in achieving their rights, for several reasons I still cannot say that women have achieved full, equal rights in America as of now. Firstly, many women are still finding today than men performing the same jobs as they are receiving higher wages. Secondly, men are greatly outnumbering women in high-level, executive positions; this means that men are, as a whole, receiving better jobs than women. Finally, as men primarily run the government, women get only a relatively small role in making life-affecting decisions. In order for women to be fully equal with men in terms of rights, reparations in these fields must be made. In today’s world, one would think that two people doing the same job would receive the same wages. This appears to be the case often if those two people are the same gender. According to, women generally only receive about ninety-four percent the wages that men earn, if outside factors (such as experience, education level) are added in (Rampbell). This may seem like a relatively miniscule number, but let’s look at an example. Say a man makes $50,000 annually at his job. By this statistic, a women working the same job with the same credentials would make $47,000 annually, a difference of $3,000! Such a disparity cannot be considered acceptable in today’s society. Why should men receive more than women? Even worse than the general statistic is the wage gap between men and women making over $100,000
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