Most Commonly Diagnosed Cancer: Colorectal Essay

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Colorectal cancer (Colon cancer) is a referred as the disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the colon or the rectum. The actions undertaken to curb the probability of suffering from cancer can be termed as the prevention strategies. In regards to the findings in this study, Colorectal Colorectal cancer was the most commonly diagonosed cancer(14.4%) for Korean American(KA) men and the second most commonly diagonised cancer (12.9) for Korean American women after breast cancer. (The North American Association of Central Cancer registries , 2006).
There are various effective means of preventing Colorectal Cancer (CRC). In this literature we will categorize them into two main groups i.e. the Primary and Secondary prevention
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Another key strategy would be persuading the KAs smokers to watch their smoking levels; this should be as minimal as possible. However, the best alternative would be quitting.
For the secondary prevention strategies for CRC we have frequent genetic testing and frequent preventive treatment process, conducting regular procedures which aim at looking for cancer signs and symptoms. For patients with ulcerative colitis or hereditary colon cancer it would be encouraged to perform a colon removal surgery. According to KHEIR (Korean Health Education, Information, and Research Center), not all hormone replacement procedures helps in decreasing the risk of getting colorectal cancer and in any case it can lead to breast cancer issues, blood clots and heart diseases.
Based on credible sources, there are some prevention strategies which effects on reducing colorectal cancer are not clear. For instance taking vitamin and calcium supplements, minerals, using drugs that minimize the level of cholesterol in our bodies as well as using the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs except the aspirin.
In conclusion the research shows that more clinic trials have been established to find out new methods of preventing colorectal cancer and whether the already existing ways are effective or not. The colorectal cancer
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