Motivation And Motivation For Academic Achievements

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It is important for everyone especially students to do well in school because it reflects in the foundation of their accomplishments in life. Students are affect their ability to move to the next level when they fail to complete some requirements. It takes many factors to motivate individuals to continue on striving for academic achievements. (Higgins, 2008) It is said that motivation gives big contribution in one individual’s success. Motivation is defined as the organized patterning of three psychological functions that serves to direct, energize, and regulate goal-oriented activity: personal goals, emotional arousal processes, and personal agency beliefs. It is an interactive construct representing the direction a person is going, the …show more content…

In conformity with the social norms, people learn by imitating others. However, people don’t learn only the acceptable social behaviours, they may also learn beyond the norms behaviours. Knowledge gained in this way will have the chance to be transferred to another situation. This may continue all the time and everywhere. In the same vein, we can argue that students spend most of their time by learning. This can happen in different situations. It can be seen in groups while with others. (Woldetsadik & Lumadi, 2014) In a school situation students continuously engage themselves in the learning process. It can be observed when they do assignments, read books and do other related academic activities. Obviously, this is a regular process exercised by most of the students in schools. However, the habit of doing these things can’t happen at a time. It needs careful observation and systematic exercise. All these efforts lead students to make their own meaning/understanding of the activities. Besides, it enables them to reach at a level of sharing their own experiences and to become a continuous process.
In view of this, Battersby and Gordon (2006) have cited some of the specific situations that can develop experience within the school context. They stated varied sources of experience. They believe that the identification of best characteristics of both teachers and students, either in group or individually, in the first place

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