Motivation And Motivation For Employees

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Motivation in the work place has always been a problem for employers. It is a key element in keeping the employees driven to do good work or finish tasks on time. There are several methods of motivation that help employees stay with an organization. Motivation varies from person to person. Different methods of motivation drive people differently. Webster’s dictionary says motivation is something inside people that drives them to action. In other words it is the willingness to work at a level of effort. It is a day to day struggle for managers, supervisors, employers to keep its employees motivated not only finish the job at hand with perfection in mind but also to keep employees for as long as possible. “Motivation comes from …show more content…

The idea that a group of people came together to accomplish a goal was used by the Egyptians to build the great pyramids, the Chinese to build the Great Wall of China, and the Romans when building roads, or sewer systems. It took nearly 76000 square feet, 480 feet high and has over 2 million blocks of stone each weighing 2.5 tons. Imagine the management needed to build this incredible structure. It was only 7 inches from being a perfect square at a time with no computers, calculators, or advanced mathematics. Also take into mind the type of motivation that employees or peasants had at the time of building these pyramids. They were only offered food and water for the work they had to do. Fast forward to the 18th century during the industrial revolution when division of labor was brought up by Adam Smith who suggested to make work more efficient by specialization. This means that each person would specialize in building or making a product and repeatedly make the same item countless times. This was known as the Factory System. The advantages to this system is “
• Development of skill
• Saving of time
• Possibility of using specialized tools”
This dramatically improved the production process and allowed employees to specialize and build on their skill to further advance themselves. This followed by the invention of machines and robots doing all the manual labor increased productivity and revolutionized the

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