Motivation And Performance Management : The Concepts Of Organizational Behavior Essay

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Motivation and performance management are two concepts of organizational behavior that are closely related. Motivation can be referred to as the process through which employees are stimulated to achieve their goals. Achievement of personal goals is a cue to the attainment of overall organizational goals. Motivation has to do with reasons why employees of an organization behave in a certain manner. Organizations can put various motivational strategies in place to influence their employees behave in a manner that is in line with attainment of organizational goals. On the other hand, performance management refers to measures that organizations put in place to ensure that organizational goals are being attained in an efficient and effective manner. Therefore, performance management and motivation can both be said to be an extension of each other. This paper will take a diverse analysis of the two concepts, discussing the theory of both concepts, how the can be applied in an organizational setting, and benefits that accrue from effective implementation of the two practices. Motivation and performance management are closely intertwined organization concepts and organization must apply both jointly to achieve effectiveness in operations.
Theories of motivation and performance management Different theories have been espoused about motivation and performance. There are two main theories that explain the framework of performance management: The goal-setting theory and expectancy
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