Motivation Strategy For Employee Motivation Essay

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Q2. Drawing on examples from the service sector to illustrate your arguments, critically compare and explore the strength and weaknesses of at least two theories of motivation.
With the rapid changes of modern business environment, the competition between organizations becomes more and more fierce. In order to be competitive enough to stand out from the rest, businesses try to enhance their competitiveness by improving different area in the management aspect. In addition to, as service sector has become the most dominant industry nowadays, employee?s performance become more crucial as it can directly affect company?s performance under the close relationship between customers and business in service sector. Motivation strategy for employees thus become one of the issues that highly considered by managers nowadays. According to Hermanta Doloi?s research on the relationship between productivity and motivation, he has proven that employers are able to determine what factors will influence employee motivation in order to increase the productivity. (Hermanta, 2007, P.5) Therefore, it is crucial to figure out a suitable applicable motivation strategy for managers in order to increase the competitiveness of organization. In this article, it will mainly focus on two theories of motivation, Herzberg?s two factors theories and expectancy theories by Vroom. In the first part of the article, it will first briefly introducing the main characteristics of both

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