Mount Magnet Analysis

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Based on my experiences living with Indigenous people in one countryside of Australia called Mount Magnet WA. Mount Magnet is a mining town 341 km east of Geraldton, and 560km north east of Perth.We lived and worked there for exactly four years. In this place there are lot of Aboriginal families, They are the Badimia people,Traditional Owners of Land in the Midwest region of Western Australia. I talked to them personally. Some of them were very nice. They have their own dialect(Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga) that they love to use when talking to each other. There were times that they gather together in the bush. The elder leader called a meeting for all the members to talk about their land, how they can protect it. According to them some people are interested to get their land and turn into businesses but they want to preserve it. Most of them don’t want to go in the city because they don’t use to see a large crowd so instead they go to the bush and catch Kangaroo, bangera, Emu…show more content…
I ask to myself where I am? what I am doing here? Is this really Australia? A lot of questions but as days passed by I learnt many things about them through the help of my Boss and Manager Marise Dudley who personally married to an indigenous man, she patiently share some stories and experiences in this town living with these indigenous people. . I learnt how to deal and speak to them until everything became normal to me. They are really good persons, some look at them as rude and disrespectful but as I observe their behaviour will like that if a persons show disrespectful act to them .If you show respect then you will receive more than respect from them. You show to them that you welcome and accept them equally. A lot of differences from the regular Australians especially hygiene but don’t talk to them about it. They are very good to people who know how to respect and understand their
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